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FCLJ: The Tech Journal

Published by the George Washington University Law School, the Tech Journal is FCBA’s official journal and a premier source of legal scholarship on issues in the telecommunications, media, and technology ecosystem.


About the FCLJ

The FCLJ publishes three issues annually featuring articles, book reviews, student notes, and commentaries focusing on domestic and international communications issues. FCBA – The Tech Bar proudly offers the journal as a benefit to our members.

Submit an Article

Interested members may submit articles for potential publication in upcoming issues to the Senior Articles Editor, Sarah Lambert. Articles may also be submitted through ExpressO or Scholastica.

For general inquiries about the FCLJ, please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Catherine Ryan.

FCLJ in Hard Copy

If you would like to receive a hard copy format, log in to your membership account and select the FCLJ subscription in the “Online Store.” Note that the hard copy journal is free, but it must be ordered through our website.


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