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Nominations Committee Announces Election Results

The Nominations Committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2023 election.  The following members were elected as officers: Diane Holland President; Kathy Kirby President-Elect; Mia Guizzetti Hayes Assistant Treasurer; Grace Koh Secretary; and Johanna Thomas Assistant Secretary.  Matt DelNero assumed the office of Treasurer on July 1.  Jameson Dempsey will serve a second year as Chapter Representative.

Elected to three-year terms as members of the Executive Committee were Justin Faulb, Celia Lewis, and Mike Saperstein.  Thaila Sundaresan was elected as Chapter Representative; Dennis Corbett was elected as Delegate to the American Bar Association; and Jamile Kadre will represent the Young Lawyers Committee on the Executive Committee.  Elected to two-year terms on the Nominations Committee were Elizabeth Cuttner, Yosef Getachew, and Sarah Leggin.  Elected to three-year terms as FCBA Foundation Trustees were Van Bloys, Kayla Gardner, Angela Kung, and Danielle Thumann.

Special thanks to members of this year’s Nominations Committee: Megan Stull (Chair), Paula Boyd, Arturo Chang, Erin Dozier, Crystal Evans, Kara Graves, Jenn Holtz, Chuck Keller, Chris Laughlin, Jonathan Mark, Jenny Prime, Deepika Ravi, and Sean Spivey.