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FCBA Foundation — Giving Back

With strong, targeted, cutting-edge programming, a robust pipeline of dedicated leaders, an engaged and energetic group of members, excellent networking and career development opportunities, and a deep interest in community service, the organization has earned a reputation as a Bar like no other.


The Foundation supports communications-related and other community services and educational projects, such as:

scholarships to local
high schoolers

Granting summer
work stipends to
law students

scholarships to
graduate legal

Volunteering to
help families in
need in the DC

Recipient Spotlight »

Dilshad Naher

Mark Van Bergh Scholarship ($10,000)

Dilshad was also an intern for Optum, where she used leveraged design thinking frameworks and methodologies to solve real-world healthcare problems and researched end-users needed to solve real-world healthcare problems


An engaged and energetic group who support those just coming into our field, cultivate our next great leaders, and form the strong personal connections that power our work as we go forward.