A dedicated community of law and policy professionals passionate about serving the community and paying it forward.

Foundation Experience

Supporting tomorrow’s leaders. We help students from the Washington, D.C. area pursue their educational goals through the FCBA Foundation College Scholarship program. We also assist law students with tuition scholarships and stipends for otherwise unpaid summer internships in technology, communications, and telecommunications law and policy.



Doing good can also involve networking and having fun. The FCBA Foundation’s signature events allow FCBA members to do both. Whether by placing a winning bid at the annual FCBA Charity Auction or pursuing an elusive hole in one, participation by FCBA members helps to ensure that FCBA Foundation beneficiaries are the winners.


Without your consistent generosity, the Foundation would not be able to support its many critical programs, which in turn help so many within our communities!


An engaged and energetic group who support those just coming into our field, cultivate our next great leaders, and form the strong personal connections that power our work as we go forward.