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Nominations for the “Excellence in Government Service” Award Due March 15

In 2008, the FCBA established an award, to be provided annually, to recognize the contributions of federal government employees to the field of communications.  Recipients of the award include Daniel “Mack” Armstrong, Evan Kwerel, Julius Knapp, Mary Beth Richards, Patrick Carney, Karl Nebbia, Bobby Baker, Barbara Kreisman, Carol Mattey, Diane Cornell, Peter Doyle, Hossein Hashemzadeh, Kris Monteith, Jake Lewis, Margaret Wiener, Michelle Carey, and Ira Keltz.  The 17th recipient will be announced in spring 2024.

All current federal government employees in communications-related positions (not limited to attorneys or FCBA members) are eligible nominees.  The FCBA will consider an individual’s dedication to excellence and long-term commitment to federal government public service in selecting the individual to be honored.  In addition, the FCBA will view favorably nominees who have demonstrated service, dedication, and generosity of spirit in their careers.  Nominations (1,000 words or less) should include the following information: (1) full name, title, work address and contact information of the nominee; (2) summary of the nominee’s outstanding service and/or achievements; (3) a narrative explanation of the nominee’s service including the following information: how the nominee’s dedication to excellence and public service is outstanding, significant, and “above and beyond the call of duty;” the length of the government service; and any other relevant information, such as a history of mentoring, that would assist the award committee in evaluating the nomination.

Please submit nominations by email to  Nominations are due no later than Friday, March 15, 2024.