The Nominations Committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2019 election.  The following members were elected as officers: Natalie G. Roisman President-Elect; Anna Gomez Assistant Treasurer; Megan Anne Stull Secretary; and Krista L. Witanowski Assistant Secretary.  Joshua S. Turner assumes the office of President and Barry J. Ohlson assumes the office of Treasurer on July 1.  Timothy G. Nelson will serve a second year as a Chapter Representative.

Elected to three-year terms as members of the Executive Committee were Paula H. Boyd, Matthew S. DelNero, and Darah S. Franklin.  Jacqueline McCarthy was elected as Chapter Representative to the Executive Committee.  Rachel S. Nemeth will represent the Young Lawyers Committee on the Executive Committee.  Dennis P. Corbett was elected as Delegate to the American Bar Association.  Elected to two-year terms on the Nominations Committee were Micah M. Caldwell, Kristine Fargotstein, and Celia H. Lewis.  Elected to three-year terms as FCBA Foundation Trustees were Delara Derakhshani, Maureen K. Ohlhausen, Roger C. Sherman, and Edward H. Smith.  Elizabeth Cuttner was elected as the Young Lawyers Committee Co-Chair.

Robert E. Branson chaired the 2018-2019 Nominations Committee.  Members of the committee included: Scott Bergmann, Cristina Chou, Adam Krinsky, Jennifer Manner, Thomas Parisi, Deborah Salons, Davina Sashkin, Holly Saurer, M. Anne Swanson, Joshua Turner, Caroline Van Wie, and Stephanie Weiner.