Pursuant to Article V, Section 21 of the Association’s Bylaws, the FCBA Nominations Committee is beginning the process of preparing the ballot for the 2019 annual election.  Positions to be filled are: President-Elect; Secretary; Assistant Secretary; Assistant Treasurer; Chapter Representative to the Executive Committee; Delegate to the American Bar Association; three (3) members of the Executive Committee; three (3) members of the Nominations Committee; and four (4) FCBA Foundation Trustees.

The first step of this process is for members to notify the Nominations Committee of their interest in being nominated, or to recommend other members for consideration for nomination.  Nominations should be sent to the Chair of the Nominations Committee, Bob Branson, via email to robert.branson96@gmail.com, with a copy sent to kerry@fcba.org.  Please give the name of the member to be considered for nomination, a brief statement about why the individual is being nominated, and the office they are being recommended for by Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

The Nominations Committee will present a slate of nominations to the membership via email and the in newsletter.  At that point, members will have the option of making additional nominations as outlined in the Bylaws.