Dear FCBA members,

We are an organization comprised of lawyers and policy professionals, with the vast majority of our members living and working in the D.C. area, many of whom have spent significant time staffing or lobbying before Congress. Wednesday’s events were not just an assault on our country and on the residents of D.C., but also an assault on our place of employment and on our profession. Every one of us should be assured of safety in our workplaces and in the halls of government we visit as citizens and as practitioners. My thoughts are particularly with the current and former co-chairs of our FCBA Legislative Committee, who have worked for many years to bring the FCBA to the Hill, and vice versa.

To say this is a difficult time for our country, and especially for those of us in the D.C. area, is an understatement. As we hope for a peaceful transition of power, many of us feel unmoored, uncertain, and even unprepared for whatever may come next. I wish I could offer words of assurance that would be sufficient. As always, if you are struggling, I encourage you to seek help – if you do not know where to start, please feel free to reach out to me.

Within our Bar, we have always prided ourselves on something beyond collegiality: friendship. This has been true across policy positions and across party lines – for 85 years. We also cherish public service, with the presentation of our annual government service award a highlight of the FCBA year. During this difficult time, the FCBA is moving forward with its programming not only to advance professional excellence and important initiatives, but to cultivate our longstanding spirit of togetherness and ongoing support for one another. Click here to view our upcoming events, including next week’s Winter Celebration. We invite you to join us, whether to learn something new, engage in substantive discussions, or simply see friendly faces. I look forward to seeing you.

May the rest of 2021 bring brighter days for us all, for our government, and for our continued work together. Please stay safe and healthy.


Natalie Roisman

FCBA President 2020-21