Employer: Society of Broadcast Engineers, Incorporated (SBE)
Location: Washington, DC
Date Posted: July 31, 2021

7.21.3 – The SBE General Counsel is an independent contractor to the Society of Broadcast Engineers, Incorporated (SBE), retained by the Board of Directors of the Society. The General Counsel reports directly to and consults with the SBE Executive Director regularly, and consults also directly with the SBE President. The General Counsel will advocate for and represent both the Society of Broadcast Engineers and the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust, both being District of Columbia non-profit entities.

The General Counsel should be a member of the Bar of the District of Columbia and/or a surrounding State, and will have offices within or near the District of Columbia. The principal function of the General Counsel will be to provide Federal telecommunications law advice, counsel and advocacy for SBE and the interests of SBE’s membership before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Specifically, the General Counsel will assist the President and the Executive Director in advocating at the FCC the policies determined by the Board of Directors and the Board’s Executive Committee. This will include preparing and filing pleadings, petitions, comments, reply comments and other input documents in FCC rulemaking and related regulatory proceedings, and participate as directed by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors in other FCC proceedings, including rulemaking and adjudicatory proceedings. The General Counsel will also advocate the telecommunications law interests of SBE and its membership before Federal agencies other than the FCC, including but not limited to the National Telecommunications Information Administration, the Department of Defense, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration. The General Counsel will also interface with strategic partners including the National Association of Broadcasters, and other telecommunications engineering associations such as AFCCE and SMPTE on advocacy matters.

The General Counsel will also prepare and submit all District of Columbia corporate filings for both SBE and Ennes with the government of the District of Columbia. The General Counsel will regularly submit comprehensive written summaries of legal and regulatory matters in which the office of the General Counsel has been engaged since the immediate prior meeting of the Board of Directors. The General Counsel will be an ex officio member of the Executive Committee; the SBE Government Relations Committee; and the SBE Frequency Coordination Committee and will attend and participate in all of the meetings of those three Standing Committees. The General Counsel will also participate in the work of ad hoc Committees of the Board of Directors as directed by the Executive Director or the President. If specialized counsel is necessary to advise the Board of Directors or the Executive Director, the General Counsel will so advise the Executive Director and assist the Executive Director in retaining specialized counsel for particular matters.

Candidates meeting the minimum requirements for the position are asked to submit to the SBE Executive Director a detailed résumé reciting the candidate’s bar membership(s), their experience in communications law, especially enumerating their experience in technical rulemaking spectrum allocations and spectrum management. A basic understanding of broadcast or telecommunications engineering is mandatory. SBE certification by licensing or examination within a reasonable time after being retained will be a requirement for the position.

Inquiries should be directed to the SBE Executive Director, James Ragsdale (jragsdale@sbe.org and/or (317) 846-9000.