Attorney-Advisor, Investigations and Hearings Division, Enforcement Bureau, Federal Communications Commission (GS-15) – Put those litigation skills to good use and come join the Hearings team!

In addition to the work the Investigations & Hearings Division (IHD) does conducting investigations and taking enforcement actions across a broad range of issues involving virtually all services subject to FCC jurisdiction, IHD also serves as trial staff for all administrative hearings conducted before a Commission administrative law judge or other presiding officer pursuant to 5 U.S.C. § 556 of the Administrative Procedure Act.

The matters designated for hearing can originate in almost every Bureau at the FCC and can address a variety of subject matters, but for the most part, the hearings focus on questions concerning the qualifications of an applicant or licensee to hold a Commission license; whether the applicant or licensee is the real party-in-interest and/or surrendered de facto control; whether a broadcast station has engaged in conduct that serves the public interest, convenience, and necessity; and whether a cable operator or direct broadcast satellite service provider is discriminating against video content providers that it has no affiliation with in its tier placement.  Hearing proceedings often address (1) complex, difficult issues requiring a high order of legal endeavor and creative thinking; (2) matters that can have an important impact on major industry parties whose economic position affects major private and public interests; and (3) matters of intense public interest and impact.

The open position offers the opportunity to work primarily with other Bureau hearings counsel in drafting comprehensive legal documents such as memoranda, procedural motions, and substantive case briefs; investigating key factual and legal issues by developing interrogatories and requests for documents; preparing for and/or taking depositions; appearing before the administrative law judge or other presiding officer; cross-examining witnesses; and negotiating case resolutions.

Interested applicants should apply online through USAJOBS.  Posting located at:  https://www.usajobs.gov/job/758695300