The Friends of the FCBA Sponsorships Program Returns for 2021-2022!

The FCBA has renewed the Friends of the FCBA sponsorship program to help underwrite the activities of the association and sustain the FCBA’s legacy of valuable programming.

Friends of the FCBA is a program developed to spotlight those organizations that have gone above and beyond to support the FCBA during the 2021-2022 fiscal year.  Proceeds from Friends of the FCBA fundraising will go directly to the association and its ongoing work towards providing high quality programs and other services.

Friends of the FCBA will be recognized throughout the 2021-2022 fiscal year (through June 30, 2022).

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While we thought we had turned a corner this summer, the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately continues to have a direct and difficult impact on all of our personal and professional lives. The FCBA has been impacted as well with the cancellation of all of our in-person major events in 2021 including the FCBA Annual Seminar, our Spring and Fall Receptions, and our Annual Meeting and Luncheon.

Unfortunately, the FCBA’s primary fundraising event, the Annual Dinner featuring the Federal Communications Commission Chair, also will not occur in its traditional, in-person form in 2021. While we are considering a programming alternative, it also would be a significantly different (and virtual) affair.

Many long-time supporters continue to indicate to us that they would like a way to direct their funds that were originally budgeted for FCBA activities and events to the organization. In this regard and given the continued impact of the pandemic over the past 18 months, the FCBA has renewed the Friends of the FCBA sponsorship program to help underwrite the activities of the association and sustain the FCBA’s legacy of valuable programming.

We cannot offer enough thanks to those organizations that participated in the inaugural Friends of the FCBA program or sponsored other FCBA events this past fiscal year. We want to emphasize how critical this support is to sustaining the association during these challenging and unprecedented times.

We have summarized the benefits of participation in Friends of the FCBA in the attached one-page overview. All benefits will run through the end of the FCBA 2021-2022 fiscal year – June 30, 2022. We would be grateful for your participation if circumstances allow, and we certainly understand if they do not.

We very much appreciate your attention and continued support. Of course, should you have any questions regarding Friends of the FCBA, please do not hesitate to contact the FCBA office or either of us directly.

Megan Anne Stull, FCBA President 2021-22

Diane Holland, FCBA Treasurer 2021-22