FCBA members, we need your help!  The FCBA Foundation is seeking volunteers to review applications for all three of its programs, including the College Scholarship, Law School Scholarship, and Law School Summer Internship Stipend.

Volunteers will review students’ written applications and/or conduct interviews with the most promising applicants as part of the selection process.  Your help is more important than ever — we expect the number of scholarship applications to be higher than last year’s record.

Please see below for additional information on each program and how to volunteer.

College Scholarship Program
For over 24 years, the FCBA Foundation has provided scholarships to hundreds of DC high school and charter school graduates seeking to attend college. Last year, we supported local students to the tune of nearly $300,000 in scholarships and laptops.  Scholarships will be awarded to graduating high school seniors who demonstrate through their applications and personal interviews that their academic achievements, service to school and community, and commitment to learning show their potential to succeed in college and make positive contributions to their communities.

On March 3, we will send to each volunteer reviewer a group of applications, plus detailed reviewing and grading instructions.  Reviews will be due by Monday, March 16.  We then will invite the most promising candidates back for personal interviews to be held in early April.  Volunteers will be contacted with interview dates once they are confirmed.

**If you would like to volunteer, please email Justin Faulb at Justin.Faulb@fcc.gov by Friday, February 28.  Please indicate whether you are interested in reviewing written applications, participating in in-person interviews of the candidates, or both!

Law School Scholarship and Summer Internship Stipend Programs
The Law School Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to rising second- or third-year students currently enrolled in accredited law schools in the United States who have a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in communications law.

The Law School Summer Internship Stipend Program provides stipends to students from around the country who want to dedicate their time and talent over the summer to government service in areas that relate to communications law.

**If you would like to review applications, please email Justin Faulb at Justin.Faulb@fcc.gov by Friday, February 28.