Date/Time: Thursday, February 11, 12:15 - 1:15 p.m. ET

Topic: What state and local governments want from the Biden FCC

Acting Chair Jessica Rosenworcel in her opening conversation with the FCC staff called on the FCC “ to build bridges and find common ground with our state, local, and Tribal partners.”  In this session, we will hear from representatives of state and local governments as to what policy changes they seek, and the partnerships they might offer to the Acting Chair Rosenworcel and the FCC.  Issues will range from removing restrictive regulations that are hindering municipalities from entering the Broadband market, to returning local control to communities with respect to wireless placements, to partnering on research and educational efforts on RF or EM exposure.

The panel will consist of Abbie Gruwell, Senior Policy Director, National Conference of State Legislatures, Washington, DC; Councilor John Fogle from the City of Loveland, Colorado and Chair of NLC’s 2021 ITC Committee; and Honorable Tim Schram, Co-Vice Chair, NARUC Committee on Communications and Commissioner, Nebraska Public Service Commission.


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