Diversity Pipeline Program Information for Law Students

The FCBA invites all interested diverse 1L students from ABA accredited schools to learn about the Diversity Pipeline Program!  Now in its second year, the FCBA Diversity Pipeline Program is an employment program with a legal skills development component that will facilitate access to paid summer 2022 legal internship opportunities for 1st year law students from historically underrepresented and disadvantaged groups.

Notable Statements

“I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a position as a Legal and Policy Intern at the Future of Privacy Forum (“FPF”) during my Spring 2022 semester. I have to give my thanks to the Federal Communications Bar Association (FCBA – The Tech Bar), yet again, for the major impact it has had on my law school journey. I remember this about a year ago, on a Saturday morning FPF came to speak to our DPP cohort about Adtech, Emerging Technology, and Child Verification Regulation. I was enthralled. The speaker, John Verdi, taught us about the issues surrounding Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality using PokemonGo as an example. I have since followed FPF’s social media, book club, and joined their newsletter. As someone who is very interested in Privacy, I look forward to working with such an amazing organization and learning from all the amazing individuals on staff including Jules Polonetsky.”

Sam Cadet (Howard ‘22, Pipeline Intern ’20), LinkedIn Post, December 15, 2021