The FCBA Diversity Pipeline Program will include an academic enrichment and skills development component designed to provide students with an introduction to technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) law and policy. The academic enrichment component will consist of virtual learning sessions and mentoring to prepare students for internships and other employment opportunities within the TMT industry.

Sessions will be taught by industry expert instructors for several hours on Saturdays in March – April, 2021.


  • Administrative Law & the FCC. This session will address the administrative process, including the structure, functions, powers and formal and informal procedures of administrative agencies (with a particular focus on the FCC) and the agencies’ relationship to courts. This session will also examine the FCC, including its leadership, offices and bureaus, rulemaking process, and various online filing databases.
  • Privacy & Consumer Protection. This session will focus on evolving privacy laws, network security, cybercrime, and online data protection issues (such as those enforced by the FCC, FTC, states, and the EU).
  • Telecommunications Regulation. This session will address the evolving law of telecommunications laws and regulations, the rise of wireless and IP platforms, spectrum scarcity, and public interest policies, such as universal service.
  • Media & Content. This session will explore media and content, including traditional issues associated with broadcast and cable regulation. The session will also explore the law and policies of digital media services.
  • Technology. This session is designed to introduce students to emerging technology issues that are becoming a larger part of legal practice and policy. The session will cover issues attendant to artificial intelligence, telehealth and connected devices, biometrics ethics, drones, IP concerns regarding rapidly developing technologies, and more.
  • Practical Skills. This session is designed to help equip students with other important skills for success, including persuasive legal writing and advice for effectively transitioning from a law student to an attorney.



All Pipeline Student Participants will be able to participate and attend the virtual learning sessions.

Student Participants offered an internship: (1) must attend a majority (75%) of the virtual sessions; (2) complete a short writing exercise; and (3) participate in a survey of the sessions.  All participants will receive a FCBA certificate for completing the academic component, regardless of whether a student secures an internship through the program.



  • Monday, February 1, 2021: Virtual Learning Sessions Schedule Released
  • March 2021: Virtual Sessions Begin*
  • April 2021: Virtual Sessions End & Writing Exercise Due*
  • May 2021: Virtual Session Surveys Due & Certificates Awarded*
  • May, June, July: Continued Support & Mentorship Opportunities for Student Participants that are offered an internship**

*Dates will be released on February 1, 2021.

**These sessions are designed to check-in with Student Participants to provide ongoing support, mentoring and to answer any questions, as needed.

For more information, please contact Alyssia Bryant at or any of the other FCBA Pipeline Program Co-Chairs.