FCBA Foundation trustee Davina Sashkin coordinated the mentoring program this year. FCBA mentors provide advice and encouragement to our college scholarship recipients as they transition from high school to college and from academics to careers. They also provide a link back to the Foundation, allowing us to appreciate our students’ progress, supported by our members’ donations. Thanks to all of our mentors: Kathleen Abernathy, Ann West Bobeck, Elizabeth Chernow, Matthew Collins, Emily Daniels, Mark Denbo, Elizabeth Goldin, Jordan Goldstein, Donna Gregg, Jamile Kadre, Kathy Kirby, Adam Krinsky, John Kuzin, Jonathan Mark, Matt McCormick, Brian Murray, Courtney Neville, Tyler Park, Lee Petro, Melanie Ramey, Rob Schill, Kat Scott, Melissa Turcios, and Sika YeboahSampong.