FCBA Foundation Trustees Catherine Hilke and Anita Wallgren coordinated the mentoring program this year.  FCBA mentors provide advice and encouragement to our college and law school scholarship winners and internship stipend recipients as they transition from high school to college and from academics to careers.  They also provide a link back to the Foundation, allowing us to appreciate our students’ progress, supported by our members’ donations.  Thanks to all of our mentors:  Dennis Amari, Kara Azocar, Bob Beizer, Philip Berenbroick, Alyssia Bryant, Diane Burnstein, Arturo Chang, Tara Corvo, Drew Delaney, Susan Duarte, Brooke Ericson, Justin Faulb, Stacy Fuller, Ben Golant, Curtis Groves, Patrick Halley, Courtney Hikawa, Diane Holland, Jenn Holtz, Chuck Keller, Marc Korman, Gail Levine, Travis Litman, Jennifer Manner, Debbie Matties, Jackie McCarthy, Genny Morelli, Rob Morse, Brian Murray, Celia Nogales, Matthew Pearl, Jenny Prime, Charla Rath, Alex Reynolds, Kara Romagnino, Michelle Rosenthal, Rob Schill, Mike Senkowski, Justin Shore, Larry Spiwak, Elvis Stumbergs, Aaron Ting, Crystal Tully, Josh Turner, Michael Vasquez, Nancy Victory, Brenda Villanueva, and Amy Worlton.