Date/Time: Thursday December 13, 12:15-1:30pm
Location: Mintz, 701 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 900

Description: In the FCC’s ongoing Spectrum Horizons proceeding, it is looking towards the future of wireless technologies that will operate at frequencies above 95 GHz. This spectrum presents unique sharing challenges and opportunities, with “green pastures” spectrum and exciting potential for simultaneous operations, but also passive users that must be protected. This proceeding is one of the few times you’ll see claims that the FCC is moving too quickly, seeking rules where the potential uses are still almost entirely theoretical. How should the FCC move forward, and at what pace, to ensure it enables rapid development without undermining current and future uses of this spectrum?”

Speakers: Brian Patten, Chief, Terrestrial Branch, International Spectrum Policy Division, NTIA; Michael Marcus, Managing Partner, Marcus Partners LLC; Alyssia Bryant, Mintz (Moderator)




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